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Hagerty Huskies Pop Warner Parent and Cheerleader Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Hagerty Huskies Pop Warner Cheerleading. We welcome back our returning
families and congratulate our new cheerleaders and their families on joining the Hagerty Association.


To promote safety, leadership, responsibility and fun while providing an environment in which the
cheerleading athlete is both academically and physically fit.


  • Have fun and create life long friendships
  • Treat all members with respect
  • Build team spirit
  • Gain leadership abilities and build confidence
  • Strive to be the best academic student
  • Learn fundamentals of cheerleading

Cheerleading is a commitment and takes a team effort just like any other sport. To be a great cheerleader, one must be motivated to do their best while fulfilling their commitment to their team. All Cheerleaders in game or practice uniforms shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner and must abide by the rules and regulations set forth herewith.

Parents & Cheerleaders are to respect and cooperate with directors, coaches and team moms at all times.

Rules and Regulations are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Cheerleaders will be placed on squads based on age and grade levels by Pop Warner. Each team will have a maximum of 35 members.
  • Cheerleaders cannot cheer for a competitive All-Star team during the Pop Warner season.
  • Cheerleaders are to maintain good academic grades of at least a “C” average.
  • Parents and participants are strictly prohibited from using abusive language, alcohol or drugs at any Pop Warner sponsored function or event.
  • All disagreements with coaches or coaching philosophy will not be addressed on the practice or game field. All issues will be discussed in private.
  • Cheerleaders should promote team spirit and be on their best behavior while on the practice/game field and/or in uniform.
  • It is the Parents’ responsibility to provide/arrange transportation for his/her child to and from all practices and games. Cheerleaders should always be on time and present for all games and practices. Other activities with exception of illness, scholastics, religion, and emergency family obligations should not interfere with the cheer schedule.
  • Parents’ are not to leave their child unattended if unable to locate a coach during practices and games.
  • It is the Parents’ responsibility to pick up their cheerleader on time from all practices and games.
  • If someone else is picking up the child other than the parent, the coach and team mom must be informed. A child may only leave with a parent unless otherwise notified.
  • Cheerleaders who are late without notification for practices/games will be issued demerits. (see demerit page)
  • Parents of cheerleaders must call the head coach or team mom in advance if they will be absent from practice. A no show or unexcused absence will result in demerits issued. (see demerit page)
  • If a cheerleader will be absent from a game, written notification must be to the head coach at the last scheduled practice. This will give the team the opportunity to make adjustments to stunts/cheer routines. A no show or unexcused absence will result in demerits issued. (see demerit page)
  • A cheerleader may not be allowed to cheer if the coach feels that she is not prepared due to missed practices and/or games. (see demerit page)
  • Repeated absences from practices/games will result in dismissal from the team. (see demerit page)
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all cheerleaders have used the restroom before coming to practices and games. Restroom facilities may be limited at practice locations and sometimes not easily accessible during games. If a cheerleader needs to use the restroom, the parent of that child must escort them to the proper facilities.
  • During practices/games, any cheerleader reporting illness or non-ability to cheer will be asked to sit on the sidelines until the game/practice is completed. Special circumstances will be discussed with the parent on a case by case basis.
  • Rain or shine, we cheer. All cheerleaders are to report to the field for practices/games unless notified by the coaches.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility once a game or practice has started to come to the practice/game field immediately if “bad” weather arises.

Respect and discipline are absolutely necessary at all practices/games. Our coaches are trained to maintain a fun and learning atmosphere though we need everyone to be a team player, and understand that there are rules to be followed. If the rules are not followed, the coaches will issue demerits:


Demerit Violation – 1 Demerit

o Unexcused absence for game or practice
o Late to practice without notice
o Gum/candy at practice or games
o Jewelry/nail polish at practice or games
o Not having hair secured properly at practice/games
o Wearing inappropriate practice attire
o Not assisting with mats
o Not participating in warm-ups and stretches
o Not having water bottle at practice/game

Demerit Violation – 2 Demerits

o Using cell phone during practice/game
o Late to game without notice
o Disrupting practices or games (unnecessary talking, playing etc)
o Not following directions given by coaches or captains.
o Disrespectful attitude towards teammates
o Not fully participating during game
o Stunting or tumbling without supervision or permission 

Demerit Violation – 3 Demerits

o Talking back or disrespectful to coaches.
o Unwillingness to learn or make changes.
o Not cooperating with team members or coaches.
o Negative remarks or attitude toward another team member.
  • Five demerits will result in the cheerleading sitting on the sideline for the first quarter of the following game.
  • Ten demerits may result in the cheerleader being removed from the Competition squad.
  • Any cheerleader arriving to a game late and missing book check will be required to sit out for the first quarter of the game and may also be required to sit out during the half time routine.
  • If a cheerleader quits during a game/practice or does not continue to participate, she will be removed from the squad. These actions will be viewed as her decision to leave the squad and she will not be permitted to return. No refund will be given.


Merits will be given at the coach’s discretion for a cheerleader going above and beyond the normal requirements for the team.


  • Pop Warner Rules on Number of Hours of Practice Permitted:
  • At least a 10-minute warm up exercise shall be included prior to practice/games/competitions.
  • Practice is limited to 10 hours per week prior to Labor Day.Practice is limited to 6 hours per week after Labor Day.
  • No more than 2.5 hours of practice may be scheduled on any one day before Labor Day.
  • No more than 2 hours of practice may be scheduled per day after Labor Day.
  • Break time is not counted against the 10 or 6 hour limits.
  • No practice or participation at games shall be permitted without the minimum required number of coaches.
  • Practice schedules are set by the Association and are in accordance to the times and locations provided by the availability of Hagerty High School and Lawton Chiles Middle School.
  • Extra practices will be scheduled before competitions.


Practices are mandatory and failure to attend will result in groups not being able to perform stunts or having an incomplete training day. Always come to practice unless you receive notice that practice was cancelled (even in rainy weather). Once you arrive at the field, practice may be cancelled due to weather conditions at that present time.

  • Practice Attire:
    • ‘Cheer’ shorts, t-shirt, socks and tennis shoes. No halter tops, half or spaghetti strap shirts, sport bras, or jeans (short or long). Sweat pants are acceptable in cooler weather.
    • Wear old sneakers, as they will get dirty during practices. DO NOT WEAR NEW CHEER SHOES.
    • Hair pulled up off of the neck, away from the face and secured tightly with hair bands.
    • Towel to sit on during warm-ups is recommended.
    • No fingernail polish and nails must be kept trimmed for stunting.
    • No make up and glitter allowed (including glitter hair gel and body lotion).
    • No Jewelry (including earrings, watches, body piercings, necklaces, etc.) No band aids are allowed over newly pierced ears. All earrings must come out for practices – no exceptions.
  • Full water bottle at every practice – no glass containers.
  • No cell phone use at practice by cheerleaders; phones must be kept in cheerleaders bag even during breaks.
  • Find your coach right away for instructions.
  • Do not leave practice or game until your parent has informed the coaches you are leaving.
  • Parents of cheerleaders are welcome to attend practice, (providing they do not cause stress to their child and/or the coaches). Please keep smaller children from disrupting practice.
  • Pick up your trash when at practice and prior to leaving practice.
  • Stay in groups at all times. Do not wander off – always have a buddy.
  • Stunting:
    • No stunting when the ground is wet; coaches’ discretion.
    • No stunting on pavement.
    • Never attempt stunting without a spotter, even in the presence of your coach.
    • Never attempt stunting without the presence of your coach!
    • Above examples are grounds for counsel and dismissal with no refund.
  • Note: Please remember that all of our coaches are parent volunteers with family responsibilities of their own. They give their personal time so our children will have a program to participate in.
  • Coaches should be given the opportunity to do their “coaching” job with minimal disruption from parents. Your patience, support and cooperation are necessary if we are to have a successful season.


  • Games are scheduled on Saturdays and are mandatory. There will be home and away games. Regular season games may be played anywhere in the Mid-Florida area and will require travel. If games are cancelled, make-up games may be scheduled on weeknights. Generally, games start near the end of August and go through October. If a football team ‘advances’ to the playoffs, the cheerleading squad will
    cheer at all of the playoff games. Football playoffs may go into the first week of December.
  • Be sure to have your cheerleader at the field at the time designated by your coach. (Note: as coaches we cannot control delay in games, games starting early, field accommodations and parking at visiting fields.)
  • Cheerleaders should arrive for the game dressed in full uniform. Clean uniforms, shoes, socks, bloomers and bows should be worn.
  • Cheerleaders should have breakfast or lunch before they arrive at the field. Eating at the last minute will cause illness or stomach cramps.
  • Good sportsmanship and manners are required at all times for cheerleaders, coaches and parents. The
    opposing teams should be treated with respect at all times.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages on the field or visiting areas at any time.
  • Parents, it is great if you learn some of the words to the cheers. Crowd involvement at the games really gets the football teams and cheerleaders excited. Parents may choose to make signs or noisemakers for the games.
  • Cheerleaders will be given water breaks during the game. Parents are asked to remain in the bleachers and not to come down to the fence area to speak with the cheerleaders during their break time.
  • At the end of each game, cheerleaders should remain with their coach until they are dismissed. This gives the coach an opportunity to pass out memos, or instructions regarding upcoming practices/games.
  • Rain or Shine we cheer! Cheerleaders should carry clear raincoats/ponchos with them to all games. All cheerleaders must report to the field and if the game is cancelled/postponed, your coach will indicate so at that time. Cheerleaders will only be released from a game if the referees “call the game”.

Important note:
Saturday games are held during the day in the HEAT. Children need to be aware that it is very hot during these games and if they are uncomfortable with outdoor sports, cheerleading may not be the sport for them.


Competition is just one facet of Pop Warner Cheerleading and is optional. Your coach will need to know by early September who will be competing and parents will need to sign a competition agreement form.

Cheerleaders will be required to be at all competition practices. The girls will be cheering at the football games on a weekly basis and as the season progresses, competition will become the focus. Teams will begin working on competition dances, tumbling and stunt routines.

All competition team members will have an additional purchase of competition wiglets and hair bows. Teams that do advance to Regionals/Nationals may incur other expenses.

Tiny Mites and Mitey Mites will perform at the Mid Florida TM/MM Exhibition, Time and Location TBD.

Each team will perform a cheer and dance, though they will not compete or advance to another competition.

Mid-Florida Competition
– Junior Pee Wee through Midgets – in October – Location TBD.

Following is the current flow of advancing at each level of competition for Junior Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Junior Midget and Midget levels.

1st and 2nd in each category per division at the Mid-Florida competition advance to Regionals.

1st and 2nd in each category per division at the Regional competition advance to Nationals.

Southeast Regional Competition – Squads that advance to Regionals will be performing on Thanksgiving weekend – Friday or Sunday.

Advancement to the Southeast Regional Competition will require addition practice time that involves practicing the week of Thanksgiving – please plan accordingly!

Teams that do not advance to Southeast Regionals, meaning they do not receive 1st or 2nd place at the Mid Florida Competition will compete in the Chancey Cheer Off Competition, in November. This competition has been developed to provide the cheerleaders a 2nd opportunity to perform their routine. This is a great opportunity provided to us by Mid Florida and is not an optional even. Winners of this competition do not
advance any further.

National Competition
 typically the first week of December.  Squads that ‘advance’ to the National Competition will be performing on a school day(s).  All of the girls hope to advance to the next level of competition, but only a small number of the competing teams actually move-on. We encourage our cheerleaders to try their best, but do not put the success of the season on one 2 ½ minute performance. Hopefully the girls will leave the season with many happy memories.


  • Complete Uniforms shall be worn at all Hagerty Pop Warner sponsored events during the season.
  • Uniforms (including shoes and socks) shall be clean and in good condition at all times.
  • Cheerleaders are required to wear approved cheerleading shoes as part of their uniform to all games and competitions. Shoes from previous years may be used as practice shoes.
  • Uniforms, pom poms, and turtlenecks will be returned at the end of the season. Parents will be financially responsible for the replacement costs of uniforms not returned, lost or damaged in any way.
  • Uniforms – $150.00, Pom poms – $30.00, Turtlenecks – $50.00. Failure to return uniform items or pay the replacement costs by the specified date will result in the cheerleader being ineligible to participate the following year.
  • Any cheerleader who decides to leave the program will be required to return their complete uniform immediately.


Hagerty Pop Warner
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